With over 24 years experience among its founders, Harmony Homes Foster Family Agency was created and designed to meet the individual needs of abused and neglected children. Our goal is to stabilize children by developing custom family plans and teaching foster families and biological parents how to develop coping skills and resources necessary for families to remain safe and healthy in their community.

Our experience has taught us that service is most successful when intervention strategies reflect the strengths and preferences of the individuals served. All people within a society have basic needs such as safety, belonging, and having opportunity for choice within one’s life. Our program delivery uses a Wraparound approach. Wraparound is a philosophy and a planning process which identifies and works to create a custom fit of support and opportunity for the child and their family system. This is accomplished by being client and family centered, needs driven, strength based and flexible. The Wraparound team supports foster children and families through culturally relevant, individualized, community based plans. The family plan is designed to ensure safety in the community and achievement of the child and family’s vision and goals for their future.