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    Have you been thinking about helping? Foster children who are placed into foster care are among the most vulnerable and at-risk children in our society. There is a critical shortage of qualified foster parents in the United States.


    Do I Qualify?

    The general requirements for becoming a foster parent are as follows:

    1.Ability to care, supervise, protect and enhance the healthy development of children placed in their home.

    2.Own or rent a home or an apartment with adequate space.

    3.Parent(s) need to be over 21.

    4.Complete and submit the application materials.

    5.Receive criminal record clearance (Livescan)

    6.Physical exam to insure good general health.

    7.(Negative) TB test reading/Chest X-ray.

    8.Have a vehicle available 24 hrs. a day, registered and insured.

    9.CA Driver’s License and DMV printout to attest that applicant is authorized to operate a motor vehicle and has a good standing driving record.

    10.Must become CPR, First Aid and Water Safety Certified.

    11.Parent(s) must show that their income prior to becoming a foster parent is sufficient to meet their families’ financial responsibilities without relying upon reimbursements for foster clients. 

    12. Pre-certification training of 26 hours offered

    13.Undergo a home inspection to ensure the health and safety of the children placed in the home.

    14.Undergo a home study where foster parents are evaluated to ensure that they are able to provide children with safe, sufficient and appropriate care.

    15.Have a designated care-giver/back-up babysitter. (Care-giver is also subject to comply with above regulations.)

    If you are ready for the next step or simply want more information, please contact us today to set up your orientation training!